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11:23pm October 14th]

+28 Icons

Wicked, Tidina, See What I Wanna See, 25th APCSB, Moulin Rouge, Idina & Friends, Laguna BeachCollapse )

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6:15pm October 7th]

Hey guys, I just started a Broadway rating community/discussion forum. You should all go apply!


(You guys'll get auto-accepted so dont worry haha.)
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5:17pm September 23rd]

+55 textless icons

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Our Futures... [Thursday
8:44pm August 18th]

So this um psychic (psycho) readings thing is um interesting i guess is a good word... Uh me... karate... CHINESE?!?! I can barely get through a Spanish class!!! Debbie... a baby at 19? puhlease!!! And why would she start a young grandmothers association... Having a baby would make her a... mother. K so now that we've established that bubbly's CRAZY!!! Um does he really think he's psychic? or that anyone's believing him???
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NEW PHONE!! [Saturday
7:17pm July 30th]

k, well i got A NEW PHONE, after the fiasco with the old one. most of you are programmed back in. its an ok phone....i kinda like it, my old one was cuter...ohh well. maybe i can buy some jewels and like put them all over it like kristin and idina and paris and marissa did. lol.

the best part about my new phone...IT HAS AIMMMM!

=when i am grounded off line...i have my phone to IM ya'll!

love, littleone
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1:16am July 15th]

K, SO this is my first post, and it's very exciting because I am THE MOST lj illiterate person ever. So oh yeah I just realized I didn't tell you all I'm going to Charleston with the girls. um oops. So I'm leaving tomorrow and I'll be back Sat. Overnight beach trips frickin rock!!!! Call the cell if you want me for anything. See ya'll when I get back
xoxo, heather
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2:29pm July 14th]

you guys had better not have too much fun while i'm gone. just shit up, okay? JUST SHIT UP!

lee and grant - more icons, PRONTO. xoxo.

and yes, i know this is public. just to give everyone a little taste of what they're missing.
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8:35pm July 12th]

Hey everyone, welcome to
the wob__exclusive

This journal is FRIEND'S ONLY, so comment here to see if you're exclusive enough to get in!
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